Founded in March 1982, Computer Users of Erie has undergone many changes over the years to keep pace with the ever-changing world of computing.  This year marks 34 years for this club.

The computer platforms vary; we have members using a variety of devices and machines. You will feel at home here no matter what you prefer. Our members are versed with the latest technology from Windows 10 to all the way back to DOS. Many of our members use Apple products and some use Linux. CUE supports many of the Hand Held computers and Smart Phones.

Our motto has always been to provide a place to learn about and enjoy computers. We do this by helping each other out. Because of the generosity of our members to help each other, CUE has been very active while many other computer clubs have gone by the wayside.

Our members are versed in many different hardware backgrounds. Our roots go way back to the days of the old Tandy CoCo (Color Computer) in 1982, which was the basis around which our group was formed.

CUE has always welcomed members from all walks of life, and all levels of expertise, from the novice just buying their first system, to the professionals that work in the computer industry as a way of life.

Visitors are always welcome to attend one or two of our monthly meetings before joining, just to see what is happening.

 Below are links to our Constitution and By-Laws, as well as our Disclaimer. Please be sure to read them to find out more on how CUE operates.

Click here for Disclaimer

Click Here for Constitution and ByLaws