CUE Summer Picnic

Lets all have fun this summer. CUE will be putting on a picnic and all its members, family and friends are invited to come.

The picnic will be on Sunday July 17th, 2016, from 11AM to about 5PM

It will be at the Glenwood Picnic Grounds Shelter. This is located on Rt 505, (Glenwood Park Ave) in Erie. The picnic shelter is located near the south entrance of the Erie Zoo.

CUE will provide Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Buns, Condiments, Pretzels and Chips, Soda Pop, Water and Eating Utensils. Please bring a dish to the picnic to share for about 10-12 people. You can bring whatever you like to share.

There is no charge for members or guests. This picnic is fun so bring your family or friends and join us for a great time.

Gleenwood Picnic Shelter


If you would like to help with this picnic then please email at We need someone to shop for items and someone to sit at the shelter to secure it for the day. Your help and time will be greatly appreciated.