General Monthly Meeting

Thursday - Feb 21 is the General monthly CUE meeting.

It is at Holy Rosary School at 7PM

There will be a brief business session then we will jump into Q&A then have the DEMO.

This meeting will feature:  Google - more than email.

It will be taught by Kevin Major. 

If you did not know...

Google hosts many FREE apps on the internet. Knowing where to find these apps and how to use them is the challange.

- Email

- Address Book

- Calendar

- Cloud Drive Storage

- Photo touch up and storage

- YouTube

- Maps

- News

- Books

- Blogs

- Phone Service

- Translation

- Finance

and of course Search, and then even more.

These are FREE!

Kevin will not cover all these Apps in detail but will touch upon several key ones. He is saving the details for future meetings. Let him know which ones you may be interested in learning about on Thursday.