CUE Membership is open to anyone, of any age or level of computer experience. There is nobody too young, or young-at-heart, that would not benefit from a membership to our group. As with all other user groups, our motto is 'User Helping User', no matter who that user may be.

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Membership Benefits

SIG Meetings

 A major benefit of membership is the chance to participate in any of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that provide an educational and training resource for members.

SIGs... separately from the General meeting throughout the month.

       ...encourage "drop in" attendance by our members.

       ...can be formed by members if there is enough interest in a topic.

  Non-members are always welcome to visit and participate in SIG meetings. We hope you will discover the great value of becoming a member and enjoying all the benefits listed on this page. Annual dues are only $24, which helps pay for the rental of meeting space, the newsletter, and any special equipment used by the SIGs or the group in general.

CUE Newsletter

 Horizons is our monthly publication, filled with interesting and informative articles written by members, or received from our fellow APCUG groups. Check it for upcoming meetings, special events, and SIG schedules and updates. All members are welcome to contribute computer-related news and articles for publication..

Free Door Prizes

 From time to time, vendors make available copies of software, books, and other valuable products to CUE as door prizes. These are given away at either a regular monthly meeting, as part of a product presentation by the vendor, or at a SIG meeting. There is no charge to participate in these raffles.

Reference Library

 Our Library of books, interactive CDs and videotapes covers a wide range of topics, and is free to members to use.


Annual base dues for membership in Computer Users of Erie is $24.00 per year. Your membership includes access to ALL CUE meetings and SIGs, vendor presentations, our annual summer Picnic, and other member benefits as listed above or added from time to time.

  You will receive your monthly newsletter via electronic delivery, e-mailed direct to you each month, in Adobe Acrobat format.

  This is a FAMILY membership; anyone who resides in the household of the primary member may use the membership at any time.

How to Join

 To join the Group, download our membership form, then print and fill out the application. Enclose a check or money order payable to Computer Users of Erie in the amount designated on the form for membership dues, and mail both to the address below.

Computer Users of Erie

P.O. Box 8941

Erie, PA  16505-0941

  A subscription to the e-mail delivery newsletter is included with each membership. You will receive each issue as it is published to your Inbox. There is also the option to receive the monthly issues via US Mail. However, these are a black and white printing, while the electronic version is in full color. Please indicate your choice on the membership form. If you choose the electronic format, be sure to include your email address.

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