The Newsletters for CUE are listed here. Only paid up members have access to current Newsletters.

The past Newsletters are listed in this order. If you want to read the newsletter from January 2005 you should choose this file: 0105.

CUE hopes you enjoy reading the nerwsletters. Many hours of work went into creating a publication that is informative to you.

Should you have any comments or questions about the Newsletters than email our Newsletter Editor.

Side Note: Here you will find a historical Newsletter from CUE before it was known as CUE. In 1983 CUE was ETUG - Erie Tandy Users Group. Yes we published Newsletters then also. It was a bit different. It was mostly ‘cut and paste’ in its truest sense. Articles were printed either using a manual typewriter of daisy wheel computer printer. The printed version was ‘taped’ to set it on the paper. 

We did it this way because our computers did not have any publishing programs to work with then. The Macintosh was not yet introduced.

The creators of this edition was Jerry Lynch and Tom Kuklinski. Both were founding members.

I hope you enjoy the 23 pages that were created in February 1983 as much as the members did back then.

Click here for the ETUG newsletter.