CUE Library

  CUE maintains a library of various types of media and training / reference materials for our members to use as needed. 

  Check out the list of materials below. If there is an item you would like to take a look at, please email your request to our Librarian. You may pick up the requested items at the next monthly meeting, and return them the following month.

  Donations to the library are also welcome. If you have any books, training CDs or VHS tapes that you no longer use or need, please consider donating them for the benefit of the rest of the group.


BOOK  Faster, Smarter Office XP 

BOOK  Programmer's Intro to VB.NET 

BOOK  VB Studio.NET 2003 Developer Sampler 

BOOK  MapPoint for Dummies  (w/CD) 

BOOK  Blue Pixel Personal Photo Coach  

BOOK  Internet Roadmap  

BOOK  Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, 7th Edition  

BOOK  Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 10th Edition  (w/ CD)  

BOOK  Windows 05 for Network Administrators  

BOOK  Network Security  

BOOK  CNA Study Guide for Netware 4  

BOOK  Voodoo Netware  

BOOK  Burn, Baby, Burn       (how-to on creating your own audio cds)

BOOK  Google and Other Search Engines

BOOK  Creative Digital Scrapbooking

BOOK  The Photoshop Elements Book

BOOK  Faster, Smarter Microsoft Office System 2003

BOOK  Defensive Design for the Web

BOOK  iPod - The Missing Manual

BOOK  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows User Guide

BOOK  TRS-80 Computer Resource Handbook

BOOK  Apple III Owner's Guide

BOOK  Quicken 2001 Quickstart Card

BOOK  10 Minute Guide to Lotus 1-2-3

BOOK  Lotus 1-2-3 for Dummies (v. 2-2.4)

BOOK  Visual Basic 4 for Windows for Dummies

BOOK  Quicken 4 for Windows for Dummies

BOOK  dBase for Windows for Dummies

BOOK  Modems for Dummies

BOOK  Microsoft Office System 2003 Step-by-Step  (w/ CD)

BOOK  PCs for Dummies

BOOK  Visual Basic 3 for Dummies

BOOK  Multimedia and CD-ROMs for Dummies

BOOK  Windows 95 for Dummies

BOOK  Discover Windows NT Workstation 4.0

BOOK  Microsoft Access for Windows Step-by-Step  (w/ floppy)

BOOK  Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET and Visual C#.NET

BOOK  MS-DOS 6 Quick Reference Guide

BOOK  DOS 5 Quick Reference Guide

BOOK  TI BA II Plus Reference

BOOK  How to Use Microsoft Publisher 97 for Windows

BOOK  How to Use HTML 3

BOOK  Access from the Ground Up

BOOK  Build your own IBM Compatible

BOOK  Just the Fax: All About WinFax

BOOK  Microsoft QuickBasic  (w/ floppies)

BOOK  Visual Basic 3.0 Programming

BOOK  Geoworks Desktop Manual  (w/ 5.25" floppies)

BOOK  Running MS-DOS 6.0

BOOK  Winn Rosch Hardware Bible

BOOK  Optimizing Windows 95

BOOK  Digital Video Pocket Guide

BOOK  Getting the Most out of DeskMate 3

BOOK  Microsoft Windows User Guide (Win 3.1)

BOOK  Writing Secure Code

BOOK  Upgrading your PC, 2nd Ed.  (w/ CD)

BOOK  America Online's Internet

BOOK  Hard Disk Solutions

BOOK  Microsoft Office for Windows 95 for Dummies

BOOK  Official Netscape Navigator 2.0 Book  (2 copies)

BOOK  Windows XP For Home Users

BOOK  Mac OS-X Conversion Kit

BOOK  Dvorak's Guide to PC Telecommunications

BOOK  America Online Tour Guide

BOOK  Teach yourself Visual Basic 3.0 in 21 Days

BOOK  The PC Upgrade Guide for Everyone

BOOK  Total Recall: Ultimate Guide to Memory Management

BOOK  Quarterdeck Manifest Manual

BOOK  QEMM 386 Manual  (w/ floppy)

BOOK  Unveiling Windows 95

BOOK  Beyond the Limits: QEMM 386 Manual

BOOK  .NET Security Programming

BOOK  Microsoft Works Getting Started

BOOK  Quicken User Manual

BOOK  WordPerfect 5.1 Quick Start

BOOK  Multimedia: Making it Work

BOOK  Using PageMaker 5 for Windows

BOOK  Win95 Rx  (w/ CD)

BOOK  Quicken 2 Manual

BOOK  Roadmap to Macromedia Contribute

BOOK  Windows 3.1 Quick Study

BOOK  Quicken User Manual  (w/ floppy)

BOOK  Tandy MS-DOS: The Basics

BOOK  Windows 3 Power Tools

BOOK  Official Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Book

BOOK  Tandy MS-DOS Advanced Applications

BOOK  Microsoft Access for Windows 95 Step-by-Step  (w/ floppy)

BOOK  Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking

BOOK  Visual dBase 5 Unleashed  (w/ CD)

BOOK  Using Windows 95

BOOK  Using Microsoft Office for Windows 95

BOOK  InfoWorld: Microsoft Windows 3.1 Secrets

BOOK  Using WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows

BOOK  Java for Dummies


VHS  Microsoft Insider Live10-02 and 11-02

VHS  Microsoft Freestyle Demo

VHS  Mindshare / APCUG Dinner 11-02

VHS  Microsoft Extreme Vol. 2

VHS  Experience Office 2000

VHS  TC Computer Installation Video

VHS  Comdex 1999 Speaker Bill Gates

VHS  Microsoft Extreme Vol/ 5

VHS  Ready for Year 2000

VHS  Linux Introduction


CD  Building Advanced Web Server for the MS Platform 

CD  Upgrade VB Skills to .NET

CD  Upgrade VB & ASP Skills to .NET 

CD  ASP. NET Resource Kit

CD  ASP. NET Developer Training

CD  MS Virtual Conference Linux Migration Guide (For Linux Users)

CD  Borland VB.NET Application Lifestyle Management Resource Kit

CD  Altova 2004 Tools

CD  .NET Framework in the Real World  (DVD) and a CD copy also  

CD  Developmentor Feb. 2002 .NET Resource

CD  MCAD Training Sampler

CD  .NET Framework Resource CD

CD  Rational Software Sampler

CD  MSDN Sampler

CD  MSDN Webcast Seminar

CD  Windows Server Customer Preview Kit

CD  AppDev Training Sampler

CD  Star Office

CD  Windows & OS/2

CD  Teach Windows 95/98

CD  Access 97 Training

CD  Microsoft TechNet

CD  Excel 97 Training

CD  Learning Windows 3.1

CD  Extreme CD

CD  Word 97 Training

CD  PowerPoint 97 Training

CD  Windows 95 Training

CD  Outlook Express 5.0 and Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition

CD  3d Sound Sampler

CD  Y2K Resource CD

CD  Learn Word 97

CD  Hardware Bible SE

CD  Visual Basic 3 for Dummies

CD  Guide to PC Telecommunications

CD  Build your Own IBM Computer

CD  How Do I Use HTML

CD  Visual Basic 3.0 Programming

CD  Multimedia - Making it Work

CD  Discover Windows NT Workstation 4.0

CD  Optimizing Windows 95 (with disk)

CD  Microsoft Publisher 97 for Windows training

CD  Microsoft Access for Windows training (with CD)

CD  Using PageMaker 5.0 for Windows

CD  Java for Dummies (with CD)

CD  WordPerfect 5.1 training

CD  Netscape Navigator 2.0

CD  Access from the Ground Up

CD  Visual Basic 4 for Windows for Dummies

CD  Windows 95 for Dummies

CD  Windows 95 Rx (with CD)

CD  Teach Yourself Visual Basic 3.0

Please don't forget to email our Librarian with your request for the items you wish. Due to the size of our library, only requested materials will be brought to a meeting.