Beginner User Group

Beginner’s "Understanding" Group

The Beginner User Group, aka 'BUG', is an active part of CUE. Here members get together and go through real hands on experience with the computer.

Originally the SIG was designed with the beginner in mind. However, the interests and topics are driven completely by the members in attendance.If you are interested in gaining knowledge in how your computer works then this SIG is for you. 

Topics that have been covered: 

--Speeding up your computers performance
--Replacing or adding a hard drive, RAM memory, DVD burner and other hardware to your computer 
--Transfer files from one computer to another
--Cleaning out virus and spyware
--Comparing programs like BACK UP, PHOTO, MultiMedia, Web Browsers, Word Processors, and others
--Examining alternate Operating Systems like Linux, MAC OS X, Ubuntu, Linspire and Freespire and file structure on your hard drive. 

We cover a wide range of topics.  

Remember we do talk at the beginner level.

Topics in the past and future will range from elementary levels covering the files on your computer and how to understand them to taking apart a computer and putting it back together. In other words this group covers a wide range of experience. And we do not forget the beginner.

If you are a virus then take this warning. YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

If you are a BUG also take this warning. YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

You may be interested in attending a BUG night. CUE will announce the times and place that BUG will take place.

 Check the CUE calendar of events.