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CUE is the largest Technology Club in Northwest PA, serving Erie, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities since 1982. CUE provides a forum for people to learn about computers, smart phones, tablets and the Internet and how they can enhance our lives. No expertise is needed to join CUE, only a desire to learn and/or a desire to share your knowledge and expertise.

To become a member of CUE just fill out the information in either the online Membership Application  or print out and fill in the Printed Membership Form.  Mail your check for dues for the current month (and Membership Form if you chose that option) to the address shown in the Application or Form.  Do not use "Register" until your membership document and dues payment have been received and you have been notified by email to begin the registration process.  

Currently all CUE meetings are virtual via Zoom video conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Non-members may attend a limit of two meetings. Send an email to [email protected] requesting a Zoom link and specifying the meeting you want to attend.

CUE also has Special Interest Groups that meet separately for in-depth discussions. They Include:

Digital Photography
Hand Held Devices: Specifically iPhone and iPad

Macintosh/Apple Devices
Windows Devices

We also help members TROUBLE SHOOT your problems

Check the Calendar of Events page for meeting location and times the various groups meet

Join CUE like the hundreds before and see for yourself