CUE is the largest COMPUTER USERS GROUP in Northwest Pa, serving Erie Pennsylvania and surrounding communities since 1982. CUE provides a forum for people to learn about computers and how they can enhance our lives, and have fun doing so. 


Monthly Meeting at :

  • Wayside Presbyterian 
  • 1208 Asbury Road
  • Erie, Pa 16505

      Time is at 7 PM

The next CUE members’ meeting is on Thursday August 15th at 7:00 PM, with a presentation after the meeting by John Fair

Topic: Facial Recognition. 

The program at the August 15th CUE Meeting will delve into the intriguing world of Facial Recognition. Your face is one of your unique biometric characteristics like your fingerprint.  We humans recognize each other just by glancing at the other person's face.  So we tend to accept TV and movies depictions of computerized facial recognition systems that are fantastically accurate.   At the August meeting we will explore how much of this is fiction and explore the current state of the art.   How does facial recognition work?  Can facial recognition be trusted with the security of our mobile devices and should it replace those hard to remember passwords?  And finally, should we be worried about how this technology will be developed and applied in the future?

General Meeting Program is the THIRD THURSDAY of the MONTH at Wayside Presbyterian Church – 7:00 PM



In addition to our General Monthly Meeting, we also have Special Interest Groups. These SIGS generally meet monthly. Locations and times may vary so check the EVENTS Calendar for the latest information. These SIGS are: 

Digital Photography



HandHeld Devices (iPhone, Android and Tablet)

So browse this website. CUE hopes you enjoy your experience here and come back often.

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An International Association of Technology & Computer User Groups

An International Association of Technology and Computer User Groups