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About Windows SIG

Windows help is both Operating System (i.e. understand the way your computer is organized) Hardware problems that the group tries to solve.

Getting ready for Windows 11 then you need to really look at your computer hardware. Previously Microsoft had an app that you could download and it would check the hardware if it was compatible. They pulled it off a few days ago but it may have been because of false negatives.

It looks like 8th generation on up will be compatible and Ryzen R3's.  Now you may see deals on laptops/desktops  but buyer beware you must check the specs on the CPU and do a search on the Intel website to see what generation of the CPU if the specs of the generation is not listed.


DUE to Covid meetings are held online Zoom Meetings.

Lou Cioccio

Please RSVP if you are coming so I can plan my day.