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About CUE SIGs

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are smaller, informal groups that meet separately from the Computer Users of Erie regular meetings, and the discussions are focused on a specific topic.  SIG meetings are generally held in members' homes on either a regular or as-needed basis.  Members have a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge, from the beginner just starting out to those with many years of experience.

Requirements:  The only requirements for joining any of the Computer Users of Erie SIGs is CUE membership.  If you are interested in participating in one of the SIGs, join CUE via the membership section of this website and contact the SIG Leader of the group you are interested in.

The Process

  • Each SIG determines their own meeting schedule and location, based on participant input, requests and/or needs.
  • Each meeting is led by a CUE/SIG member who volunteers to facilitate topic related activities as well as group discussion around topic related research, experiences, and questions.  All participants are encouraged to join in the discussion.
  • Meeting dates and topics will be promoted on the CUE website and through SIG member e-mails.

Does it cost anything?   This is a free benefit for Computer Users of Erie members. Non-members can participate in two (2) SIG meetings per calendar year as a guest of a member. 

CUE membership allows participation in as many SIGs as you want at no additional charge.  Many of our members attend SIG meetings more often than they attend general membership meetings.  You will find important information and documents related to the various Special Interest Groups here.