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CUE History

A long time ago, when the first desktop computers emerged, a void of information on how to use them existed. Geeks bought these devices and wanted to know more about them. At that time, in the 1970’s, only professional computer people knew how to use them.

A group, led by Tom Kuklinski, formed an organization in March 1982, specifically designed for mutual help.  Core developers included Bill Good, Jerry Lynch, George Bostwick, Robert Huber, Paul Kacprowicz, Lou Cioccio, Don Grim, Mike Daly, and Mark Matson. Initially this group was known as the Erie Tandy User Group.  ETUG organized into regular meetings in which members helped other members understand their new computer. Try to understand that now there was NO Internet – NO Google.

Within a few years, members realized that Microsoft was a major component to future development of personal computers. So ETUG was changed to Computer Users of Erie. This allowed other brands of computers to take advantage of the club's structure.

The founding principle of CUE was to establish an organization that would encourage better understanding of computers principally by members helping other members. CUE would provide the structure, the meetings place, communication process, and education to make this happen.

Evidently, it was successful. We are an active organization still operating under its founding principle.

Today CUE provides communication by way of a website, (, a newsletter known as Horizon, a group discussion board by way of email, regular meetings open to the public most of which also have a presentation of interest, social events and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) created by its members.

Just a mention of the Special Interest Groups includes Genealogy, Apple – Mac, Digital Photography, Beginner and Troubleshooting Workshop and Handheld Devices like Smartphone and tablet computers.

Is there something you would like to know about your computer? Do you need help in making it work like you want it to? Would you like to pursue your interest and make it go farther? Then you have come to the right place.

Our members are versed in many different hardware and software backgrounds. We welcome members from all walks of life, and all levels of expertise. We have the novice just buying a first system to professionals that work in the computer industry as a way of life.

     Visitors are always welcome to attend one or two of our monthly meetings before joining, just to see what is happening.