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About Digital Photo SIG

What is the Digital Photography Special Interest Group meeting about: Digital Cameras (both DSLR and P&S, software to enhance your images (Mac and Windows) and lastly analog cameras and film (you are not alone nor forgotten).

Or as John Rettie whom had a column in The Rangefinder called Problems and Solutions hopefully we will have your solution.So if you have a problem in taking an image with your camera/iPhone or do not understand a feature let us know or if its an image software problem we’ll try to help.

As the pleasant weather arrives we can hold meetings on the 1st Saturday of the month, let me know, but as always all four seasons can arrive at once in Erie, PA!

If you have a problem please insert in the RSVP email if you are Computer Users of Erie please do not reply at the email but rather at the RSVP as you are announcing your problem to many.

If your are interested in a ZOOM meeting about Photography or trying to have a Digital Camera Class or a Photoshop Elements class or an Affinity Photo Class please email me directly  here.

If we get an interesting question - problem by your RSVP it will be at the top of the discussion otherwise its an open ended meeting and you can invite others that may be interested is always welcomed.

So let me know if you plan on attending and if you have a software or hardware problem please reply in the links below.